The Energy Assessment Process

Step 1: Complete the Assessment

A BPI-certified Energy Advisor will evaluate your home from top to bottom and provide you with a personalized report, which includes recommendations to help increase the energy efficiency of your home. Tests conducted on homes are illustrated on the following pages.

Step 2: Review the Energy Savings Report

When the assessment is complete, we produce a comprehensive energy report that highlights all of the findings. The report includes energy conservation opportunities as well as recommendations for improvements. We review the results and weigh the benefits of each recommendation and the estimated pay-back period.

Step 3: Complete the Work

After the report is reviewed, we will provide you with a list of upgrades we find appropriate for your house. Our licensed contractors will complete the work and test it for quality. Generous incentives up to $1,250 are available through various programs to help offset the costs for weatherization measures such as; insulation, air sealing and duct sealing. There is also money available for whole system replacements like high efficient furnaces and air conditioners if they are at the end there useful life. Don’t wait to enjoy more comfort, lower bills, and better air quality in your home.