Our Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment

The energy audit process starts with a quick consultation with the homeowner to determine their problems or concerns. The energy advisor will then begin to perform: a comprehensive diagnosis of the home; measure the energy load of the home; identify the thermal envelope; test furnace and combustion appliances, locate existing insulation; and diagnose the air leakiness of the house. Several tests used are listed below.

Thermal-imagingThermal imaging is used to determine what areas of the home do not have adequate insulation such as in non-visible areas like walls. This device measures cold/hot spots and can determine if there are air leaks or water damage.

blower door testThe blower door test is a device that depressurizes the house and can determine the overall air leakiness. This lets you know if your house is properly ventilated without letting out too much heated or cooled air.

amount-of-insulationWe determine the amount of insulationthroughout the house; including the walls, attic, basement, and attic. Deficient insulation in a home is the largest contributing factor of high energy costs, especially in older homes.

hvac-inspectionThe heating and cooling system is inspectedto determine the efficiency and safety. We measure the carbon monoxide and combustible gas levels to ensure they are running properly and not emit-ting toxins back into your home. Air quality tests are available to check for radon and mold spores which contribute to allergies.

HygrometersHygrometers can be useful tools in measur-ing the relative humidity in a house. This may help diagnose moisture issues, which inhibit mold/mildew growth. It may also explain why there is condensa-tion on windows.

PressurePressure pans measure the leakiness of air ducts. Leaky ducts can be a problem if they are traveling through unconditioned spaces such as attics and crawlspaces.

treatAll of the data is compiled using the soft-ware program TREAT, which runs a simula-tion that helps explain inefficiencies of the home.