Complete The Work

DecisionAfter the report is reviewed, we will provide you with an itemized list of upgrades that we find appropriate for your house. Generous incentives up to $1,250 are available through various programs to help offset the costs for conservation measures such as insulation, air sealing and weatherization. Payment plans are also available to finance the project. Our energy adviser will provide you with a contract that lists the items you wish to complete.

If you choose to take action, we can:

  • Schedule our technicians to complete the work.
  • Direct you to available funds up to $1,250 for weatherization, insulation, and air sealing.
  • Offer instant rebates on light bulbs, showerheads, and sink aerators to start saving immediately.
  • Connect you with our specialists in heating and cooling who offer rebates on whole system replacements. (Furnace, boilers, hot water heaters).
  • Provide you with energy saving tips, air quality information, and educational material to help you stay comfortable and save money.